Bob Jamieson, Former President, Colorado Business Group on Health

No individual employer or health plan, regardless of size, can effectively create or incentivize sustainable improvements at the community level by themselves.  Employers, working together, are in the best position to engage providers to make these changes.” 

What else can CBGH membership do for you as part of your strategy to address the issues of healthcare costs and quality?

The Colorado Business Group on Health is directly involved with helping large, self-funded employers understand the issues and implement practical solutions. We are not specifically involved with the Affordable Care Act or the new health insurance exchange, but we help employers (purchasers) understand how they can drive change and impact healthcare cost and quality.

CBGH members and affiliates meet monthly to create a dialogue with peers facing the same challenges and opportunities.  Our members appreciate that meaningful change requires active participation in innovative programs that guide employees to healthier lifestyles and encourage providers to lower costs.