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In the United States, the overall per capita cost of healthcare is twice as high as the next most expensive country in the world, and in that country, everyone has health insurance.  At the Colorado Business Group on Health, we work to change the way employers buy health care because healthcare will only function as a system when payers demand to purchase it as a system.

Purchasing a care system means two things:

  1.   Healthcare providers organize their services by bundling products based on consumer needs.
  2.   Healthcare products and services are defined by quality metrics and the system is held to a consistent set of standards.

Examples of these points are becoming more common in the healthcare discussion.  At CBGH, we are working with employers, hospitals, and health care providers to pull data and find areas for quality improvement.  For more information on our programs to improve quality, reduce costs, increase transparency and eliminate wasteful spending, please click on the tabs above.

Colorado Business Group On Health